Dr. Daren and Dr. Derek are both graduates of PALMER COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC.  Dr. Daren is also a graduate of OHIO UNIVERSITY and Dr. Derek graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY.  Together we have over 35 years experience in treating musculo-skeletal health issues.  We attend seminars regularly to stay current with our education and learn the latest techniques to help our patients.

We are both married and have young families.  We treat all of our patients in the same manner we treat our own family members.  We would expect nothing less for you and your family.

Many patients that have never tried chiropractic often comment about why they waited so long to give it a try.  Results are often quick and easy.  They feel they have wasted precious time with needless suffering when getting better was so easy.  Stop missing out on life due to aches and pains!